Building an authentic brand

By: Caroline Wizeman, Director of Marketing & Communications

abas-USA, 08/22/2014

I joined abas in July, and started off by talking to a lot of people: new customers who had just started with abas, existing customers who had been using abas for years, sales people, tech folks working on implementations, and more. I also read reports from discussions that had taken place in a global setting asking abas partners from around the world questions like “what is the biggest factor that convinces businesses to select abas?” There was a consistent theme that I heard over and over from all of these touch points: connections with abas people.

There are genuine relationships between abas employees and the customers they support, and the relationships start even before people come on as customers. abas has a better understanding of customers’ core businesses, more trust, more open dialogue.

Of course, customers and employees also talk about the product itself. It’s more flexible and customizable than many competitor products, and it’s very well suited to certain industries and markets. I don’t want to diminish the importance of this. But what I hear over and over again is that there’s a personal touch with abas that really sets us apart.

The Human Advantage

As part of the global marketing team, I want to build a brand that is authentic. It needs to feel real, something we can all relate to that is true to ourselves and what we strive to be. This authenticity is what gives a brand power. To this end, we call the new brand concept, “The Human Advantage.” The concept shows the strength of the abas employees and honors the amazing people who run the businesses that use our software. In the new brand, you’ll see lots of people… real people, not stock photos (see my note below with an aside about this). You’ll also have a chance to read and hear these peoples’ stories. We’ll be showcasing lots of case studies, quotes, and showing that personal touch that abas is known for.





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