When is the right time to buy ERP?

Posted by Curtis Campbell on Thu, Sep 20, 2012 @ 04:04 PM

We’ve all heard the saying before—timing is everything. But what about when buying an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution? Is there a right time to buy, and how much is at stake if you wait too long?

ERP is a powerful tool for two key business objectives—syncing up the sales and operations teams and making accurate and reliable sales and inventory forecasts. But getting up and running with ERP can be a big investment—both in terms of time and money—so many businesses put it off as long as they can.

For major business decisions like implementing ERP, it helps to enlist the advice of an expert, which I have had the opportunity to do so many times, to discuss the details of implementing an ERP system.  In fact, the following questions shed some great light.

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