5 Best Practices for your ERP Selection

Submitted by Plex Systems

Manufacturers face a complex decision when looking to implement an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution.  That’s why companies with active selection projects seek to simplify the process with the upcoming February 2012 Vendor Shootout™ for ERP.

As you prepare to attend the event, Plex Systems offers these five tips when selecting an ERP system:

1)    Know the Need.  Establish a cross-functional team that clearly articulates processes the system will address, the timeline for ERP implementation, and cost requirements. Clearly define how the business will run in the future, and match that vision to what the ERP system can deliver.
2)    Fit the Functions.  Make sure the ERP system provides the critical functions needed to run the specific business and unique requirements. In addition, consider the skill levels of the people on the shop floor, the IT department, throughout the organization – as well as the IT infrastructure. Give key team members a chance to set requirements, and participate in a system demo.
3)    Consider Integration.  A truly integrated solution improves the complete manufacturing process, through design, launch, production, shipment, and service –  all business areas including sales, engineering, quality management, production, scheduling, shop floor control, bar coding, part traceability, warranty tracking, shipping and receiving, EDI, human resources, tooling, and more.
4)    Enabling Lean.  Look for a real-time solution that lets a company easily see operations with a greater degree of clarity, improving the ability to identify continuous improvement opportunities. A solution should facilitate root cause analysis and corrective action, including a formalized process for issues notification and problem resolution reporting.
5)    Quality.  Organizations requiring robust traceability and quality control functions must search for a full suite of Quality Management tools. ERP systems must be designed to provide real, measurable benefit to the manufacturing effort in the form of increased process repeatability, reduced variation, increased production throughput and reduced defects.

Learn More
Access a white paper from Plex Online Cloud ERP which offers additional considerations to keep in mind during your ERP selection process.





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