In Search of Traceability

Submitted by Plex Systems, Inc. developer of Plex Online Cloud ERP

Nothing jeopardizes the health of a manufacturing enterprise more than quality problems, warranty issues, safety incidents, customer quarantines and large scale production recalls.

When these problems occur, most manufacturers shut down production, recall parts over a long span of time, and hold the manufacturer financially responsible.  It’s bad news for everybody.

Key to Survival

The key to surviving in today’s tough environment is to implement an accurate traceability system that tracks individual containers and/or pieces as they flow through the manufacturing process. This lets the enterprise isolate problems with pinpoint precision, using updated and detailed historical information related to production, inspection, genealogy, and usage.

Traceability is defined as the capability for tracing goods backward along the supply chain and forward along the distribution chain based on identifying characteristics

For companies that require true traceability, such as automotive, aerospace/defense, and food processors, effective traceability is critical in today’s competitive landscape.

What to Look For

For those manufacturers attending the Vendor Shootout™ for ERP, be sure to look for the following ERP features and functions.

  • Serialized container and individual part tracking.
  • Built-in barcode printing and scanning, RFID, and Direct Part Marking.
  • Detailed container-to-container traceability both upstream and downstream from any point in the process and/or shipped parts.
    • Upstream Trace: Lets workers easily find every component or material that went into a container or assembled part.
    • Downstream Trace: Helps workers track the location and status of every container or part made from a certain source container or part.
    • Traceability Tree: Provides a graphical representation of traceability, showing the flow of material from one container to the next.
    • Cross-Company Trace: Provides the ability to view upstream and downstream traceability of your customers and suppliers.

Free Resource

Download a free white paper on traceability from Plex Online Cloud ERP for further details.






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